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Barbara Lynch

Called to the Nations.

It's a beautiful call.

It’s not what we deserve but what they deserve. Everyone deserves to hear the gospel!


The Call

My husband, Tommy, greeted me at the door by saying, “I need to speak to you”….sometimes this is not good. Quickly, I emptied my arms with my stuff…and sat down. Tommy was holding a letter that contained an invitation to attend a conference in Pasadena CA hosted by Life Water International. Tom’s heart had always been to travel to nations assisting folks in need of having clean drinking water. It appeared his heart’s desire was about to come true. His 30+ years of drilling experience was finally going to be used to serve communities in need. We both were very excited. Our RSVP was sent in; traveling arrangements confirmed…we were off!!! It’s funny how often our plans are totally opposite for God’s plans, and it truly was the case with this trip. I had planned on dropping Tom off at the compound, and while he was being “trained”, I was going shopping, scout the area out for a later dinner date with my hubby, perhaps have a massage, pedicure and maybe a new California hair – do!!! Much to my surprise, our hosts were expecting me to not only stay for the conference but to be engaged with the sessions as well. Quickly, I was swept up in the THEIR excitement of me being there. It seemed I was bombarded with questions, that I had no answers for… “What country are you thinking about going to?” “Ah, none”, I thought to myself. “What sessions are you signing up for?” “Ah, none”, I thought again to myself. Eyes wide open, I searched for an exit, envisioned my escape back to town….all to no avail. The first open session for all to attend started – sitting there among so many “Called saints” – I truly was distracted….then the speaker, raised the question to all of us….”Who will answer the call?” I was about to again, say (to myself) “Not me”, when I heard a sweet, soft voice deep within my soul, “Here am I send me”….from Isaiah…..WHAT, I shuddered!!!! Not me, him!!! (Tommy) The session ended, Tom went his way, and I had no choice but to attend a class on – “Teaching Personal Hygiene”…..WHAT!!! I found the class, and was instructed to take a chair in the circle….it was a big circle! Our host for the session stated that we were going to go around the room, and share, “How we were called”. Now what in the world was I going to do…let alone say? Fortunately, they started across the circle from me – and as soon as the first person started speaking, I started to shake and cry, which again, freaked me out – because I had not been able to cry for years… (Yet another story). Ladies that sat around me were trying to comfort me. They were so touched by my tears and what they assumed was my compassionate call…imagine their surprise, while sobbing I explain to them…”I don’ want to be a missionary”. Well….to say that my world was rocked is an understatement. When my husband saw me again after about 2 hours of sobbing…he looks at me, with concern in his blue eyes…”What happened to you?” The only thing I could say…”I am not ready to talk about it”…and so began my journey of surrendering to the call….of “Go ye to the nations”…..

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What an honor to meet these 3 precious saints who work diligently and effortlessly through out the streets of Cambodia. Their bravery truly touched my heart. Daily they are ministering to the street kids of their neighborhoods, offering a safe place to “hang out” , teaching English, teaching vocational skills, rescuing from deplorable conditions and most importantly demonstrating God’s love to these kids. It truly was an honor to work along side them, my prayer is that God will keep them safe, continue to provide for them and that one day I will be with them again!!!


How I Was Inspired...

The Vision

I always get a little confused with “The Vision” and “The Mission”. Just this week, I was attending a marketing meeting where we discussed this in length. As I left the meeting I still was a little unsure on the difference - I did see that both are important, whether in our personal or professional life. So…. Mission – Mission Statement – It is already established for me, and not by me. “And Jesus came and spoke to the, saying, “All Authority has been given to ME in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:18-20

Vision – Vision Statement To be available, whenever I am call to go and serve others! (I didn’t get here easily, however I can say with a cheerful and peaceful heart – Yes, Lord!!)

Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. – James 1:2-3 (NIV)


Over the last year, I have encountered many divine appointments. Here are a few of my stories:

testimonial photo

Meet Ursula! Before we even left the security of our host’s van – we were instructed the “do’s and don’ts” of shopping in the markets of South Africa: *Do keep your money secured *Stay with your shopping buddy *Watch eye contact - *Don’t ask what the price is of something….this is a clear indication that you are interested. The simple question, “How much is this”…starts the ever dreadful act of negotiating. I say dreadful, because I am awful at it. Just tell me the price, or better yet – use a price tag. No, that would be to easy…price tags are not to be found at any market in South Africa that I have been in. Once you start, the negotiating, this is a clear indication to the seller that you are going to buy. Not in my world, so I enter the booths with a lot of apprehension. For to start, the negotiations, and not to buy is a great insult. Now I can be insulting to some at times, my New Jersey passion, often gets me in trouble, but to deliberately insult someone is never my intention. So this day, I had decided, I had only so much money to spend, I knew what I wanted, so I bravely entered the market….I had a plan. The very first booth I stopped at, I started to look at the wares, when I heard a voice say, “I am not born again”. I thought I was hearing voices….”What”…Now, I look up and there stood this lovely young lady. Confirming that she was talking to me, she repeats, “I am not born again, I am a catholic”. So began, a wonderful conversation with Ursala. It turns out she had been reading her bible, and was in the gospel of John and much to my surprise she had underlined the verse, “Do not marvel that I said to you, “You must be born again”. I explained what this meant, showed her, how she had it underlined in her bible, that she was a “God Seeker”. Explaining to her what it meant to open oneself up spiritually, to Him, and to experience the new birth, being “born again”, her smile grew bigger on her face. She prayed the prayer of salvation with me right there in her market booth. I was so humbled that God used me to explain the gospel of salvation to her. It truly was a wonderful experience. Ursala and I immediately became kindred spirits and sisters in the family of God. I will be seeing her again, if not at the market, but in heaven with our King. Added bonus that day – Ursala gave me some great deals….


Another story coming here…


It is happening people!


Barbara is open to help and suggestions. She is looking for prayer partners for each country and each trip. Please contact her if you can help. Email: barblynch317@gmail.com

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